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‘René le Toutou qui sent tout’

by Chantal Trubert -Tollu
Scents are part of our lives. We are all surrounded with smells, bad or good, and nobody has the same perception of them.
This book tells us about René, a charming dog but quite unhappy : his favorite bone has gone missing, bearing in mind dog’s fabulous sense of smell ability, it’s quite unusual !
This is the story of "René, le toutou qui sent tout" - ‘René, the dog that smells everything’. This book is dedicated to children, and explain them how important is their sense of smell.

News - The book is now available in Braille (French Version) !


by Elisabeth de Feydeau

Historian, Elisabeth De Feydeau is a professor at ISIPCA as well as a cultural consultant to various perfume houses. Most recently, she worked with Parfums d’Empire on Eau de Gloire to recreate the fragrance of Napoléon Bonaparte.

She wrote a very interesting book about DIPTYQUE perfumes and home fragrances, telling the story of the cult brand established by three friends, painter Desmond Knox-Leet, set designer Yves Coueslant and decorator Christiane Gautrot, in 1961.

The book is published by Perrin Editions


by Laurent Assoulen

At six years of age Laurent Assoulen enters the National Conservatory of Lyon. Ten years later, he understands that the jazz is the form most appropriate for his musical expression. He later resumes his musical studies and enrolls once again at the Conservatory of Lyon however this time in the Jazz section. He studies with Mario STANCHEV and graduates in three years. Eventually, he begins his professional life in the perfume industry. While working during the day on the creation of fragrances for various brands he spends his nights on the piano where he dreams and composes, still inspired by the fragrances of the day. With his first album “Reasonances” (piano solo), he decides to focus on his musical career.
His website : and


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