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What is the vision on the Beauty Market for companies that are the essential sourcers of Worldwide cosmetics Ingredients? The 2008 edition of In-Cosmetics on April 15 to 17 featured 430 exhibitors, Marketing Trend Presentations, Cosmetics Science Conferences, an Innovation zone and a in-focus Utopia i.e. an innovation platform where suppliers presented 17 marketing concepts. We were there, exploring the suppliers' vision of beauty.....

Four major themes were essentially emerging amongst the suppliers and the conferences:
· "Science Power": Scientific Ingredients or technology, Targeted Actions (nano, stem cells,...).
· "From Organic to Green" : Natural, Organic, Ethical
· "Health & Well Being": Food & Beauty swaps
· "The new Blue - Nature from the Sea": Marine Extracts & technologies

The sun is shinning on the Cosmetics & Toiletries market, with still areas of opportunities especially in the context of ageing population, trend towards Well-Being and increasing pressure to “look good” in today’s day to day life.
Interestingly, Euromonitor presented an overview of a very promising Cosmetics & Toiletries market—$291 billion in 2007, 6% up on 06. and with sales forecasted to grow by 3% CAGR between 2007 and 2012, with sun than skincare being predicted as the most dynamic growing market segments, and China being number one growth contributor.

The Utopia Area, dedicated to the marketing expression and vision of suppliers, led to projects mixing emotions, Well-Being, Customization, Science, only a few related to the Ethical/Green trend.

The "utopia" vision was expressed in multiple ways, but here are the main cosmetics expressions we have drawn from our visit:

- Senso-Well-Being cosmetics - senso-therapy for Cognis/Laboratoires Biologiques, with BeaUty (be you/soyez vous) for Croda with a concept of creative cosmetics(choice of texture+ customisation), Sensory on demand pour Lubrizol/Noveon Consumer Specialities (+ texture "bar"),
- Pure, Ethical & Harmonized Beauty: Just Essential skincare, Materia Prima pour Gatefossé (back to the genesis and to primal resources), Paradise dreaming-Australian Utopia pour Cosmetochem International (plant extracts used traditionnally by Australian tribes), Swissrare forest - Cosmeceutopy for Pentapharm , or Philosophical skincare rituals - 3 steps for a beauty transformation mixing modernity and nature:-detox, re-balance, Awake - for Jan Dekker
- Cosmic Cosmetics: destination Mars with Soliance & Laboratoire BF Intl to boost cell metabollism(alliance of texture moves and micro-algea), Electro-magnetic skincare for B&T for skin regulation(liquid crystal technology),
- Techno-Knowledge: understanding skin architecture for SkinEthic & l'Oréal,
- Experimental treasure Cosmetics: Emotion and formulation with Experimental Wonders by Symrise (ex: "inner beauty" caviar, magical gloss powders ), Precious Gems, universal references and radiance for Alpol/Rhodia.

This is a brief summary of what our "marketing eyes" could see during the visit and that we thought interesting to share to provide seeds of inspiration...... for those of you who wish information on innovative ingredients presented, here is a link to a SpecialChem article.


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