FRAGRANCE PICK - November 2008

Here is the picks of Nathalie Pichard, Fragrance Evaluation consultant in Paris.

‘If There Ever Was… a book of extinct and impossible smells’ by Robert Blackson

Robert Blackson is a trailblazer in the nascent field of conceptual scent art. He recently curated an exhibition at the Reg Vardy Gallery in Sunderland, England, that took viewers through fourteen significant points in time and space using only the olfactory sense. The concept came from reading Eric Schlosser's "Fast Food Nation." The book mentions how food corporations can use artificial chemicals to engineer smells and tastes that replicate virtually any substance. With this in mind, Blackson tasked perfumers (Buxton, Duchaufour…), chemists, botanists and even a NASA scientist to engineer smells that most humans might never experience. Scents created include everything from long extinct plants to the fragrance immediately following an atomic bomb explosion. "If There Ever Was" features paper inserts that correspond to the exhibit smells, all manifested through scratch-and-sniff technology.

‘Fragrances of the World 2009’ by Michael Edwards

This special 25th anniversary edition is dedicated to Pierre Dinand,father of modern perfume bottle design, who signs by his bottle drawings, all the pages of the book.

The first of its kind to speak directly to consumer, via print and internet, Fragrances of the World encourages people to try new scents and to explore new means of olfactory self-expression. It approaches this task by information that has previously never been revealed to the general public in such a comprehensive manner-careful orchestration of fragrance families, identification of iconic fragrances, perfumers and olfactory pyramids as well as information on long vanished perfumes. Fragrances of the World guide is the Fragrance bible.
Available on his website

‘Le Temps du Parfum’ by Patty Canac & Samuel Socquet Editions Minerva

Co-written by a specialist of smelling and perfumes since 18 years, Patty Canac and a journalist, this book is an olfactory travel. Exoticism, sensuality and spirituality, fragrances are around our souls and our bodies. Discover the sense of smelling through Self Love (herbs, aromatherapy, odors of wellbeing…), Love of others (Spices, odors of love, of sex, of kisses, aphrodisiac odors…) or Love of God (Fumigations, sacred woods, scents of the spirituality…).
Raw materials are explained, smells of the world are analyzed…to find out the mysteries of smelling through its totems, rituals, religions and legends.


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