Affichage des articles du février 3, 2008

"Must have" fragance books for 2008

Here is a panorama of interesting books prepared by Nathalie Pichard, Fragrance and Evaluation Consultant, who shared with us some key "must have" books for the fragrance industry.

"Fragrances of the World 2008" by Michael Edwards
Author Michael Edwards has released the 2008 edition of his yearly Fragrances of the World, known as "the fragrance bible".
The best way to classify the fragrances.
The new edition lists 5,700 fragrances (815 more than the 2007 edition) classified by fragrance family in a famous Fragrance Wheel.
It is used by numerous retailers to help customers find fragrances they might like based on the scent (s) they already know and enjoy.

"22 perfumers, a creative process" by perfumer Alienor Massenet and Memo Parfums (created by Clara Molloy)
Éditions Pirate
"22 perfumers, a creative process" is a collection of 22 interviews with a selection of perfumers. The book is an inexhaustive primer of renowned and upcoming talents in …