Fragrance books and exhibitions-May 2009

Nathalie Pichard, Fragrance and Evaluation Consultant, captures the trends in fragrance and adds a little cultural twist to our blog. Inspiration seeds signed by Nathalie, for this May 2009 focus.

Next Exhibition Les Parfums, L’Exposition Parisienne (2/10/09-5/10/09)
The 2nd annual « Les Parfums, l’exposition parisienne » , created in partnership between the Différentes attitudes (international luxury trader specialized in alternative brands) and Picaflor, will take place in Paris at the espace Richelieu.
Beauty, creativity, singularity, perfume is, by essence, part of the artistic domain. It is the meeting point of culture, inspiration and memory. The precious olfactory creations that are exceptional perfumes are its shining jewel. About thirty brands will be present this year.
The fair will be opened to the general public (check for the dates). A chance to discover brands that have never been presented in France and to initiate adults and children into the perfume universe via workshops and activities that are both fun and educational.

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La Fileuse d’Effluves (Fragrance Spinster) by Danièle Chevaillier, prefaced by Annick le Guerer
Specialist of odors and language and now writer, Danièle Chevaillier has been working for many years in the marketing and the fragrance creation in the perfume industry. She wrote short stories in which each character will have his life changed by the power of odors and senses.
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Perfumes the Guide Update 3 by Turin & Sanchez
No need to introduce famous duo Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez who present their n°3- PERFUMES: THE GUIDE containing over 200 new reviews.
You may find your perfume criticized inside…How lucky you ! Don’t be scared !
The GUIDE is a critical survey of the world of perfume, one bottle at a time. Rather than “lists of notes”or categorizations into “fragrance families”, you will find opinions and descriptions that sort the good, bad, and ugly of 1,500 fragrances, plus essays and supplementary material that cover the what, how, and why.

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To read the article on who is Nathalie Pichard in Elisabeth Feydeau's blog, it is here.


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