Fragrance books and exhibitions-Oct 2009

Nathalie Pichard, Fragrance and Evaluation Consultant, captures the trends in fragrance and adds a little cultural twist to our blog. Inspiration seeds signed in collaboration with Nathalie, for this October 2009 focus.

« Quand le parfum portait remède » (When fragrances produced a cure) exhibition at St Antoine l’Abbaye (France). From June 14 till November 11, 2009. "Cloister gardens, Princes'gardens…when fragrances produced a cure" This exhibition proposes a new approach and presents the beginnings of the materia medica, when a fragrance was also a remedy. In two very different areas, this exhibition invites us, in a playful mode, to discover the Medieval scented waters, recreated in the XIXth century. A superb book written by odors specialist Annick Le Guerer, and olfactory illustrated by perfumes re-created by perfumers from Givaudan and IFF, D.Andrier & D.Ropion …is launched.
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"Lèvres de Luxe" , exhibition and book signed by Jean-Marie Martin Hattemberg, who is a specialist in fragrance and cosmetics history and traces the story of the lipstick from 1900 til today. An exhibition and conference will take place during the International Luxe Pack Monaco held from October 21 to 23, 2009 at the Grimaldi Forum.

Pierre Dinand, « 50 Years of Design » Stories, perfumes, drawings of 50 years of passion and design.
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