Inspiring books & events - december 09

Inspiration seeds with Nathalie Pichard, Perfume Creation and Development consultant, for this December 2009 focus.

Si le parfum m’était conté… by Annick Le Guerer

The book, prefaced by Patricia de Nicolaï, President of l’Osmothèque, tells the adventure and the role of the Great Fragrance and Fashion Designers in perfumery, such as mythic brands ; Houbigant, Pivert, Lubin, Poiret, Guerlain, Chanel, Dior,Hermès, Lancôme, Patou, Caron… And major fragrance houses like Givaudan, Firmenich, IFF, or Robertet…
The book written by famous author Annick Le Guerer (scent and anthropology expert) is about the creation and the evolution of the unique museum in the world dedicated to perfumes (old and new formulas) : l’Osmothèque de Versailles in France.
12 perfumes from the past or earlier, can be re-discovered and ‘sniffed’ inside the book by scratching them, as they are enclosed by a system of nano-encapsulation. A superb work mixing research,creativity and art.

Aimed at professionals and public, the book will enjoy and teach passionates, about heritage, creations and perfumery.
Available at l’Osmothèque de Versailles and at Editions Garde-Temps from the 17th of december.

Lèvres de Luxe by Jean-Marie Martin-Hattemberg

Lipstick as a pure object of glamour and seduction…
This illustrated and very well-documented book is dedicated to all lipsticks. Written by collector and expert of the perfumery of 20th century
Jean-Marie Martin-Hattemberg … who could seduce cosmetic brands to get involved in this particular encyclopedia.
Hollywood, stars, symbolism, history, make up uses, colors, mythic brands (Chanel, Revlon, Rochas, Guerlain …), women anticipation, JMMH reveals all the secrets of this fascinating object of desire on a tiny light tone, a welcome gift to offer… at this end of year tinted by crisis and low moral.
Guess when and where was invented the first lipstick ….Read the book to find out the answer…!

Marques de Luxe Françaises by Jean Watin-Augouard

A new book aiming to shed further light on the contribution of French luxury brands to the national patrimony and economy was released in October 2009. The work features 135 brands (Perfume brands, jewellery brands, but also Hédiard, Cristallerie de Saint Louis, Ladurée, La Tour d'Argent, George V Hotel, Roger Vivier etc. as the diversity of the fields of luxury in which the French traditions of craftsmanship express themselves)
The study is entitled Marques de luxes françaises by author Jean Watin-Augouard. Watin-Augouard is a specialist of the history of brands and founder of Trademark Ride
Available at Edition d’Organisation and,
Thanks to Marie Hélène Wagner’s « the Scented Salamander »

NARS 15X15 Celebration

In celebration of his 15 years in the business, make-up artist François Nars has created the Nars 15x15 project, an original celebration with the release a limited edition tome (1500 copies) of 15 portraits of friends photographed by Nars in their personal interpretation of one of the Nars Product. 100% of the proceeds from the project will be distributed among the 15 charities chosen by the participating celebrities. Also available, an appication for iphone and nice making off films on youtube. Here, the shooting of Marc Jacobs:


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