Fragrance Books & Exhibitions - October 2008

Nathalie Pichard, Fragrance and Evaluation Consultant, captures the trends in fragrance and adds a little cultural twist to our blog. Inspiration seeds signed by Nathalie, for this October 2008 focus:

Plaisirs de Parfums – Editions Paja, 2008

The Paja Editions will publish a new book on perfume in October-November 2008 authored by Béatrice Boissière under the artistic direction of Coco Tassel. Plaisirs de Parfums proposes to retrace a world history of fragrances since the 19th century with attention devoted to the compositions of fragrances and anecdotes on the milieu of perfumers. Long-lost fragrances are also not forgotten... The book includes four pages of detachable blotters. The publishing house describes it as a book-object (livre-objet) and as an olfactory saunter. Available on November 10th in bookstores but can also be purchased online (from October 24th) from Paja boutique.
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L’Inde des Parfums - Éditions Garde-Temps, 2004

India is the new country to go. Trendy but still mysterious. For many, India is known for its raw materials used in perfumes, rituals of beauty and religion, and the Maharajas… But India is richer than those clichéd things. Enjoy this beautiful book dedicated to fragrance raw materials (tuberose, vetyver, sandalwood, rose…), indian beauty, and history to discover the country. A good way to visit this country by looking, reading and smelling (micro-encapsulation technics used thanks to Laboratoire Dessence) … Written by perfumer Nicolas de Barry (author of many books about fragrances and India), the book is enriched by Laurent Granier’s wonderful pictures.
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Olfactory workshop -‘International Heritage Fair’

‘Salon International du Patrimoine Culturel 2008’ (13th edition) 6 to 9 Nov 08

Approaching forgotten or old trades by smelling their olfactory environment is always a nice and interesting experience for schoolboys and parents Three atmospheres have been imagined with 12 blends to smell , driving children in the discovery of the leathery, woody, metallic or smoky notes of the craftmen and restorers for a sensory and cleaver adventure!

On Sunday 9th, a conference will be given by l’Osmothèque. This olfactory, fun and educational heritage workshop for children (and adults) will take place at Salon du Patrimoine Culturel 2008 located in the Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, on 6-9 November 2008. Organized by Secession and will host 250 exhibitors …expecting around 20 000 visitors.

Fragrances and raw materials partner and consultancy Drom International Fragrances+ Editions Garde Temps (Arielle Picaud, Artistic Director)

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« Born to smell and the new noses »

Exhibition at Palais de la Découverte PARIS 14/10/08 – 03/05/09
For children and adults. A funny way to discover and smell around 90

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